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Our Therapies


Classic Reflexology

An ancient technique with a broad range of benefits, reflexology on the feet targets reflex points on the feet that link to specific areas of the body, allowing your therapist to rebalance, sooth, ease and regenerate.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This treatment can provide dramatic results, improving the body's metabolism and helping the body to eliminate waste and toxins, boosting the immune system.


Hand Reflexology

Similar to classic, but obviously working on the hands. Not always as effective as working on the feet, this can, nevertheless, be a suitable alternative for those with injuries to the feet or who may be a little squeamish about having their feet touched.


Maternity Reflexology

A specialist area of reflexology developed to help women in the pre-natal and post-natal stages of pregnancy.


Facial Reflexology

Increasing in popularity due to the skin rejuvenating effects of reflexology techniques applied to the face, in addition to the clear benefits of improved skin tone and anti-ageing, it can also help with the immune system.  


Hot & Cold Stone Reflexology

Combining the established benefits of reflexology with the super-charged effects of hot & cold stone techniques creates an impactful therapy - up to five times more so than regular reflexology. The use of heated basalt stones of various sizes (Geo-Thermal Therapy) can penetrate deeper into the tissue, effectively targeting the hormonal system.

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